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Dr Shehla Mohammed


Many of you will know Dr Shehla Mohammed who is Clinical Lead for the BBS specialised service at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Dr Mohammed has been the Head of Department of one of the largest Regional Genetics Service at Guys Hospital for 20 years and is keen to bring her managerial and strategic planning skills to complement the key work of the BBS UK Board of Trustees.

Dr Mohammed is a strong advocate for patient focused services and helped to set up the National Highly Specialist Service for Bardet-Biedl Syndrome over 11 years ago. Dr Mohammed works with a number of support groups and has also set up and run dedicated multi-disciplinary clinics for other rare diseases, including Cockayne Syndrome in partnership with the family support group Amy and Friends.

Dr Mohammed has experience working with a number of external organisations, committees and working groups as a member and Chair, influencing policy development for clinical and laboratory services. Shehla is currently a member of the Highly Specialist Technology Committee of NICE, which considers new products for the treatment of rare and ultra-rare diseases.

In her spare time, Dr Mohammed enjoys travel, gardening and kick-boxing and is a mature student of the cello.