Making a donation to BBS UK will help make sure we can continue our vital work

All those diagnosed with BBS and their families experience continual times of transition. As the syndrome is multi characteristic there are many periods of change throughout their lifetime with health progression and ongoing diagnosis from new or associated medical problems. There is little knowledge and information at a local level about this syndrome and individuals often struggle with their local services and support regarding their disability, health, social, welfare and educational needs. The charity relies on donations and fundraising from our members and every penny really does support our projects, services for those at the heart of BBS. You don’t have to dig in your pocket to make a difference.

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Just Giving automatically adds 25% Gift Aid free from the tax man if you are a UK taxpayer and this comes directly to us. That means for every £1 that you donate, we get 25p.

Leaving a Legacy


Leaving a legacy will cost nothing today, but by leaving a gift in your will, this will help BBS UK continue to provide important services for years to come. For your will to be valid and to ensure that your wishes are carried out, we would always recommend that you seek the advice of a solicitor.

If you would like more information please contact us and we can help support you with creating a legacy. Thank you from all the people at the BBS UK who will benefit in the future from your thoughtfulness.