BBS Global Day:
23rd September 2023

Posted on 08 August 2023

BBS Global Day is a cooperative effort, coordinated by BBS International, and with support from BBS family organizations in France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and North America.

Together we are taking action to raise awareness of BBS, and accelerate research and care for everyone affected by Bardet Biedl Syndrome.


  • Connect with BBS UK, your national BBS association, or with BBS International
  • Spread the word: Post on social media using the hashtag #BBSGlobalDay. Tell your networks why accelerating BBS research and treatment matters to you.
  • Raise Funds: Donate and encourage others to donate to BBS UK or your national association  Click HERE to donate via PayPal


Join families from around the world as they take action on BBS Global Day to raise awareness and funds for the BBS community – take a walk, ride a bike, share on social media, fundraise or donate – join the movement; Together we are Stronger and in the five minute clip below, Tim Ogden, President of the US BBS Foundation, explains why: