BBS UK Virtual Conference  - 15th May 2021

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to have a significant impact globally and looking to continue throughout the winter and into the Spring, we have had to take the very difficult decision to make Conference 2021 a virtual event. Restrictions are beginning to increase again around the Country and look set to fluctuate throughout the next 6 months and it is no longer possible for us to deliver the event we had planned. We understand how disappointing this will be for our membership and truly understand the need to come together as soon as we possibly can however the well-being of our membership and team is our primary concern.
We are truly excited at the opportunities offered by a BBS UK virtual conference which will be held on Saturday 15th May; in particular, we look forward to being able to welcome our wider membership from around the UK and overseas. The event will be free of charge and will feature a selection of keynote talks about research and development in the world of BBS as well as the much anticipated and valued personal perspectives. We also hope to provide members with the opportunity to take part in workshops and Q&A sessions. We are still in the planning stages of this and will be able to provide more information over the coming months. Rest assured that as soon as we are able to do so we will organize a membership wide event to enable us all to come together socially once more.

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