Home Monitoring Equipment

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, NHS funding has been secured to provide home testing equipment for those attending the specialist BBS clinics. This will enable some of the monitoring and tests that are usually done in hospital, for example, blood pressure, weight and height to be done at home. As circumstances surrounding the pandemic improve, face to face clinics will return, however this scheme will continue as it supports the telemedicine service and gives clinicians the opportunity to review results in advance of seeing a patient.

Find below a link to a webinar hosted by professionals and clinicians from the WAAB Community (Wolfram, Alström & Bardet Biedl Syndrome).  This is a useful resource which explains how the scheme works and provides live demonstrations on how to use the equipment.

The slides from the webinar can be downloaded here: WABB-Community-Webinar-home-monitoring-equipment

Equipment instructions can be downloaded here: NHS Instructions-for-Home-Monitoring-Equipment